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Design Goes Old School

For designers at Sequence, staying inspired is part of the job. When we’re not creating innovative design solutions for our clients, we’re sniffing out interesting things to see and do on our down time. An example of this constant quest for coolness is when a group of us ...

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Smells Like Team Spirit

What brought folks from seventeen San Francisco design firms, with coordinated sweat and armbands, to a field early on a foggy Friday morning? Not an artsy version of “The Hunger Games,” but Design Dodgeball 2012.

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Visual browsing with SearchMe and PicLens

The startup search engine with the slick coverflow user interface SearchMe yesterday launched a raft of new features. Fly-through web searching and browsing sites like SearchMe and PicLens aren’t going to replace the current click-and-load model of information foraging on the web. Google with it’s text snippets is ...

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Welcome to the Sequence blog

Sequence is a collection of designers, information architects, strategists–an unusual group of people with different insights and perspectives. We’re passionate about creating great customer experiences, and exploring the landscape of experience design, strategy and business. We’re hoping this shiny new blog will be a way for us to: ...

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