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Month: June 2013

Showing Over Telling

If someone told you they had invented pants that could make you run faster than anyone on the planet, you’d roll your eyes. But if you got to try on those pants and broke the sound barrier during a quick jog, you’d believe that those super pants were ...

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The Boomerang

It was something mentioned around the water cooler in hushed tones. There was a wall of boomerang infamy that hung in a pictured row of mugshots next to the conference rooms. Who was going to get hit next? It made all the new hires nervous. Were they going ...

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Act it out!

As children we learn through play. Whether it’s gaining an understanding of our own physical limits (I cannot leap over wide streams, as I learned in the backyard forest of my childhood home, 6 yrs old), or learning how to juggle multiple tasks at once (the restaurant business ...

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